What is competition or festival?

At Joy's Dance Factory we offer a competitive program where the students are given the opportunity to travel to other cities across Canada and perform their routines for comments and feedback by judges. 

Some routines are completed in class time, others are rehearsed on the weekends. 

Intermediate and senior dancers are often given the opportunity to work with world renowned guest artists.

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in joining our festival troupe please email Miss Joy an inquiry.

Depending on age, years of experience and ability level she will design a program that will suit your child’s needs. 

How much does competition cost?

There is a $75.00 application fee to join, which goes towards your consultation & subsidizes the teachers’ travel, hotel & meals while we are away at competitions. For in class routines, any extra lessons outside of class time will be charged to your festival account. This includes theatre rehearsal time. 


All routines choreographed outside of class time are charged on a week-to-week basis.


Some routines may require a costume to be purchased while others are rented out from the costume wardrobe at a cost of anywhere from $31.50- $50.00 per costume.

Each routine is charged an entry fee at competitions. We attend 3 competitions per year. 

Why is it so fun?

It provides more opportunities for your child to perform in front of an audience. The time spent away allows for team bonding and encourages the development of strong friendships! Parents get to know the other families at the studio better and often spend time hanging out at the theatre, swimming in the pools and going out for celebratory dinners! Were a huge family 100+ members strong experiencing so many fantastic dance memories together!

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